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'Jewcer' Crowdfunding Platform for Jewish Projects: Naomi Leight Explains Fundraising Method

This back yard serves as the unofficial office for Jewcer - an online crowdfunding platform. It aims to gather financial support for Jewish projects around the world. It's sort of like fundraising. Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept. In short - it's a lot of people pledging a little bit of money - or Shekels - to help fully fund a project. Jewcer Co-Founder Naomi Leight, says it's a lot like the concept behind the JNF Pushke boxes. She and four others, including Amir Gieeon, decided to start, bringing the concept to the digital age. On Jewcer - anyone with an idea can register, and receive a dedicated webpage on the platform, which makes it easy for Jews world-wide to browse projects, and help one another. You don't have to Jewish to list a project, or contribute. But there is one Jewish-related requirement: Each project has a set goal. Artistic Theater Director Aaron Henne set out to raise 25-hundred US dollars in 45 days. His goal was met 13 days early. Because of that success - the Dybbeuk Theater in Los Angeles will present 'Cave... a Dance for Lilith' this November. Filmmaker Jessie Kahnweiler met her $4000 dollar goal - with donations from Israel where she rediscovered her Jewish identity for her web series 'Dude, Where's My Chutzpah.' She also offered incentives. Those who want to contribute - simply click "Fund This Project." Any amount is welcome. No one is charged unless the project is 'fully' funded by the set due date. For the ...
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