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Jerusalem Segway - A 'green' way to tour the city

Israeli Assaf Polivoda was a tour guide with a novel idea: offering tours of Jerusalem's narrow alleyways and streets aboard a self-balancing, zero-emissions personal transportation vehicle powered by a rechargeable battery. "When I saw the Segway on the TV, I thought, 'Actually, why not do tours ON a Segway?'" he recalls. After buying six of the vehicles at about $9000 apiece, Polivoda started his business and soon had a hit. Today he owns a fleet of 22 Segways and offers several guided routes in Jerusalem -- complete with instructions for operating the "green" vehicles. "The only thing you need to do is just to lean forward and go," he says. Downloads: Videos: HiRes with Narration HiRes No Narration Streaming with Narration Sreaming No Narration Docs: Intro - Script - Please credit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel for any use of these videos.
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