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Jerusalem Marathon

Running the Jerusalem Marathon More than 10000 runners took a scenic route through Israel's capital city for its first official full marathon. Jerusalem's first full marathon on March 25 brought together more than 10000 runners from more than 40 countries. In spite of a terror attack near the Jerusalem International Convention Center the day before marathoners stoked up on pre-race pasta at the center, many runners shared Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat's assertion that "Our answer to the killers is -- we will not stop the marathon." Entrants gathered at Sacher Park at the start of the event included veterans as well as first-timers -- among them entire families. Many opted for the half marathon or 10k course, raising lots of dollars for assorted charities. The scenic route took them past the impressive sites of Jerusalem, including a swing through the Old City and its thick stone walls. DOWNLOADS: Videos: - Running the Jerusalem Marathon - HiRes: - Running the Jerusalem Marathon - HiRes No Narration: - Running the Jerusalem Marathon - Streaming: - Running the Jerusalem Marathon -Streaming No Narration: Documents: - Running the Jerusalem Marathon - INTRO: - Running the Jerusalem Marathon - SCRIPT: Please credit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel for any use of these videos
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