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Jailed CIA Informant Says Pakistan Aids Haqqani Network: Dr Shakil Afridi Says Pak ISI Hates US

Pakistan's spy agency considers America its "worst enemy" and the Pakistani government's claim that it is cooperating with the US is a ruse to extract billions of dollars in aid. This according to the CIA informant jailed for his role in hunting down Osama bin Laden. In a Fox News interview Shakil Afridi, the medical doctor who helped locate bin Laden's fortified lair in Pakistan, before last year's raid on it by US Navy SEALs, described how he was brutally tortured at the hands of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and said the agency is openly hostile to the US. Afridi claims the ISI helps fund the Haqqani network, a Pakistan-based militant group with links to al-Qaeda, which was last week designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. OAkistan's spy agency reportedly also impedes the work of the US by preventing the CIA from interrogating militants captured by Pakistan, who are routinely released to return to Afghanistan to continue attacks on NATO forces there.
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