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Israel's Peres praises Obama's reelection

During a visit to Moscow Israeli President Shimon Peres has praised US President Obama's reelection, saying he believed that Obama would keep his promise about trying to control Iran's nuclear programme which Israel views as a threat to its existence: Israeli President Shimon Peres: "I believe that President Obama, whom I happen to know and admire and have the highest regard for him, is a thinking person. I believe what he says is what he means and intends. I do believe that his eyes are fixed on the future. I do believe he'll do whatever he can to reduce the dangers of terror, of war. And what he said about Iran he will do. I am convinced completely. The responsibilities that are falling on his shoulders are not simple." Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also congratulated President Barak Obama on his win, stating that 'the strategic alliance between Israel and the United States is stronger than ever'. Netanyahu vowed to 'continue working with President Obama in order to safeguard the interests crucial for the security of Israel's citizens'. The US embassy in Israel held a party overnight to celebrate the elections and the US ambassador to Israel was eager to emphasise how relations between the two countries would remain strong whatever the result: Dan Shapiro, United States Ambassador to Israel: "Whatever the outcome, the US-Israel relationship will remain strong and close, because it is not based on any one election or any one leader or any one party but on ...
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