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Israel's Olympic Athletes Leave for London Olympics: Israeli Olympic Delegation's 60th Games

As final preparations are being made in London for this month's Olympic Games, the Israeli Olympic Committee is marking the 60th anniversary of Israel's first participation at the Olympics in 1952, and also the 20th anniversary of the nation's first Olympic medals, acquired in Barcelona. Now in the last 20 years since that first medal, Israel won at least one medal every Summer Olympics and Israelis are looking forward to uphold that tradition in London this year as well. However, while there is much excitement and support in Israel during the summer period when the delegation is sent to compete and represent the country, some people believe that the government does not support the athletes enough all year round. In many other nations around the world, to train as a professional athlete is a fulltime job. While in Israel, many athletes cannot afford to focus all of their attention on sports, and sustain themselves without working. Therefore taking away from the time they have to invest in their sport. Some Israelis believe that money and budgeting is the issue. While the sports arena is important to Israelis, there are so many other arenas on the agenda in this small country in the Middle-East, that athletics seem to sometimes be sidelined from government priorities. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat met with the members of the Israeli Olympic delegation prior to sending them off to represent Israel in London. 'The entire ...
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