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Israelis near Gaza, Egypt Border Live in Fear of Terror Attacks: JN1 Visits Kerem Shalom Kibbutz

There are about 100 residents in this Southern Kibbutz named 'Kerem Shalom', a name which means 'vineyard of peace'. Ironically enough though, the Israelis living here have gotten used to a lifestyle which hasn't seen too many peaceful moments. The kibbutz is located right by Israel's border with Gaza, as well as near the border with Egypt. Both Gaza and Egypt have been a source of terrorism for Israel- with continuous rocket attacks into populated Israeli areas from the Gaza strip, with weapon smuggling in underground tunnels which go from Egypt to Gaza. And with the most recent terror attack in which militants from Egypt's Sinai killed Egyptian patrol guards and penetrated the border with Israel, targeting Israeli civilians. And this was not the only incident that took place right outside of these Kibbutz walls. Six years ago an Israeli tank was attacked by Hamas gunmen killing two soldiers and kidnapping Gilad Shalit who was the held in captivity for over five years. This eight-meter wall protects the Kibbutz from Gaza. Additional security measures are applied as well in order to keep the residents safe. But one must wonder why people would choose to come and live in a place surrounded by security threats. For the time being, these Israelis can only wish for the peace they so long for, the one their kibbutz is named after. Sivan Raviv, JN1, Israel.
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