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Israelis' Opinion on Circumcision, German Ban on Jewish, Muslim Tradition

The issue of circumcision of young boys has been widely-spoken about in the media recently, particularly following German attempts to ban this Jewish and Muslim tradition. According to Judaism, male new-born babies are circumcised when they are 8 days old, in a ceremony called Brit Milah in Hebrew. The tradition goes back to the days of Abraham in the bible. Seeing as the majority of Israelis are circumcised, we asked for their opinion of the latest developments revolving around this issue, which is quite routine in this country. Recent US studies show that circumcision is beneficial to one's health and specifically helps avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases. And pediatricians say the advantages outweigh the risks. So while a German court banned religious circumcision in June, aides of German Chancellor Angela Merkel showed support of the Jewish German community. And as for Israelis- they seem perfectly okay with it. Sivan Raviv, JN1, Israel.
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