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Israelis Issued Gas Masks on Syria Chemical Weapons Fears: Assad Moves Arsenal as Free Army Wins

As intense fighting continues between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces and rebels many in Israel are worried about what might happen to the regime's stockpile of chemical weapons, should the regime fall. Israelis are taking no chances with their safety and have been lining up in droves to collect gas masks to protect themselves against an attack in the event that Syrian chemical weapons fall into the hands of Islamist militants like Hezbollah.. Israeli citizen Maya Knobler: "There is smell of a war, of a chemical war, in the air. So it was just the perfect time to come and to take the mask." Israeli citizen Arie Zimet: "Watch a little bit over the borders and you will see what is going on there. The stability definitely is not the same as it was before. So what happens in the future I don't know, that is why you have to be ready always." Israeli citizen Shoshana Goldbaum: "We are aware that the area is a volatile area, and that we should take precautions that the government offers, so it is to our advantage to upgrade (our gas masks) since ours are quite out of date by now." These Israelis are some of the 4 million citizens that have already collected their masks, but under the current program the entire population won't be protected until the end of January next year. Israel's military chief Benny Gantz has reassured Israelis, saying the Syrian government is still in control of its chemical weapons but many analysts believe Assad's arsenal is substantial and ...
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