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Israeli talking at Occupy AIPAC 2012

Israeli talks about AIPAC and the counterproductive role of AIPAC when it comes to peace in the Middle East. (READ below) Note that AIPAC is a "non-profit" and allows for unlimited TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations, which go towards biasing US policy towards *right wing* Israeli interests, and to secure billions in annual aid to Israel. AIPAC is also not properly registered as a lobby for a foreign government, and has repeatedly been implicated as an *active* conduit for aggressive Israeli espionage against the USA. AIPAC is laying the legislative roadwork for a war on Iran. The legislative measures drafted and pushed by AIPAC are frustrating efforts at fruitful negotiations, and thwarting resolution of a largely *manufactured* crisis. If such a war eventually occurs, to be prosecuted by the USA and/or Israel, it would be disastrous, illegal, unnecessary and counterproductive. Such a war would be against the national interests of Israel and America, but would benefit well connected right-wing political elites and war profiteers. AIPAC does not represent mainstream American Jewish opinion, though perhaps a majority of American Jews think that AIPAC does (thus many lend minimal active or "passive" support to AIPAC). Most American Jews are very unfamiliar with the actual role AIPAC plays, and their activities and true agenda. AIPAC is now also only funded by a FEW main donors with extreme right wing agendas, hence those few ideologues dictate the *actual* political ...
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