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Israeli Students Rediscover Germany: Haifa's Bosmat Vocational School Exchange with Darmstadt

After decades of historical taboos, Israelis have discovered a new love for Germany and for a new generation of confident, young Israelis, this European country has become one of their favorites. For nine students of Bosmat Vocational School in Haifa, their dream trip to Germany came true thanks to an exchange student program with Heinrich-Emanuel-Merck Vocational School in Darmstadt, a project supported by the city's Jewish community. And to mark the occasion the Israeli visitors and their German hosts offered a Jewish music concert. Nearly 70 years after the Holocaust, the last survivors are passing away, and this is changing how the new Israeli generation views Germany. Relatively free of historical taboos, they are redefining what this country means to them. Here in Darmstadt, an industrial city of 160.000 people, 40 kilometers south of Frankfurt, Jewish history goes back at least 400 years. Until their deportation to concentration camps in October 1942, over 3000 Jews lived in Darmstadt, now there are about 900. Wilson Ruiz, Jewish News One, Germany.
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