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Israeli President Shimon Peres Celebrates 89th Birthday using Facebook, Social Media

Israel's 9th and current President Shimon Peres celebrates his 89th birthday and today's technology along with the power of social media allows the world to celebrate and greet him personally online -- via his Facebook page. Peres, who launched his Facebook page in Palo Alto earlier this year, in the presence of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg himself, has been very active on the web, be it on Facebook, Twitter, or even most recently, using Instagram. Several months ago, his team produced a video on his own YouTube channel inviting people to befriend him on Facebook for the purpose of peace. This week Peres chose to greet his nation for the new Jewish year over Facebook as well. Now, and for the first time, using the same social media outlets, the public is invited to personally greet the president, by recording individual birthday video messages and posting them online on his Facebook page. Various of these recorded messages will be assembled and edited into one unified video clip. Thus far, dozens of such videos have been uploaded to Peres's page, displaying both children and adults from all across the world wishing the president the best of the things, in several languages. The computer technology used in order to enable these people to record themselves and then have their videos instantly be grouped up and translated into a music clip, was developed by several Israeli startup companies. They too, along with the Jewish nation, wanted to say- happy birthday, Mr ...
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