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Israeli General Warns Islamists May Start War after Arab Spring: Aviv Kochavi Cites Extremism

The Israeli military's intelligence chief is warning that war may be on the horizon between Israel and its neighbours as the region becomes less stable and more hostile. Major General Aviv Kochavi points to the rise of political Islam following the Arab Spring uprisings, saying revolutions as well as regional and internal crises have led to an environment where violence could flare without warning. The region has seen dramatic changes in less than two years. In Tunisia, an Islamist-controlled parliament came to power after the country became the first to undergo a revolution. Islamists were then elected in Egypt following its revolution, while the new Libyan government has struggled to control extremist militants, who recently destroyed an important Sufi Islam shrine and a library containing important historical books. The rising instability and extremism, Kochavi says, could spell danger for Israel. And an Egyptian professor seems to be reinforcing that belief. Political science professor Gamal Zahran told Iranian television recently that the revolutions have raised hopes that Arabs will capture Jerusalem and that, "Allah willing, Israel will be annihilated."
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