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Israeli Gang Stalking Libel Smear UK Government terrorism

Email Routine example of the way in which Zionist agents of the state of Israel ( often based in London) are used to organize smear attacks on those of us who dare question their self appointed rule Examples of Methods used 1. Vote Botting 2. Gang stalking/Stalking 3. Smears, abuse, ridicule, off topic attack 4. Impersonation, use of illegally obtained images, names and personal data 5. Death threats and other threats of violence 6. Contacting of subscribers and those who leave comments in order to create disturbances, distrust 7. False accusations such as BS about Holograms, Nazis, Muslims and hating Jews 8. Anti Semitism and Holocaust denier canards ( seen as trumps by Israeli operatives) 9. Gross libels such as that targets are 'Pedos'Terrorists etc 10. Misrepresentations such as No Planes becomes Holograms etc 11.Abuse of comments marked as spam facility 12. Abuse of Comments have received too many negative votes ( BS software created by Zionists) 13. False flagging videos using fake pretexts 14. Registering target channels on websites whose goal is CENSORSHIP on facebook and Zionist front orgs such as (dis) Honesrt Reporting etc
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