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Israeli Americans said to vote mainly for Romney

Here in Israel many people stayed up all night -- others woke up at the crack of dawn -- to find out who won the US Presidential election. The victory of President Barack Obama did not come as a surprise -- a poll showed that 56 percent of Israelis expected Obama to be re-elected while only 18% thought Republican challenger Mitt Romney would win. But who were Israelis rooting for? Another poll found that among secular Israelis, the country was split 50-50 over the candidates, much like in America. But among national religious and orthodox Israelis, support for Romney skyrocketed over 80%. That means the re-election of Barack Obama is generating mixed reviews. Israeli Shifra: "I learned this morning that Obama was elected and it's not good at all." Israeli Lior Segal: "I'm happy for Obama because he's bringing a new approach to diplomacy. But I think he's a little bit naïve so I don't think it's good for the rest of the world. It might be good for Obama, but not the rest of the world because the world doesn't need naïve leaders." Israeli American Helene: "I think Obama is going to have to clean up and make good on whatever promises he made. And that's where things stand now." With reports of President Obama's plan to hold direct talks with Iran, many Israelis voiced concern about how he will handle Iran's suspected nuclear program in his second term... Israeli-American Ilene Eisenberg: "I don't think his stance has been strong. I don't think his energy has been good. And ...
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