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Israeli Americans for Romney campaigning hard

American Republican voters living in Tel Aviv Israel have been hammering the campaign phones calling Jewish voters in key US Presidential election swing states Ohio and Florida, hoping to convince them to back Governor Mitt Romney. More than a quarter-of-a-million Americans live in Israel, including eighty-year-old Breyda Franklin who has been there nearly half of her life, and has always voted Democrat. But this time she has changed her voting shoes. US citizen Breyda Franklin: "It feels good, I have to tell you. It isn't like I'm in such pain, because I believe Romney will be the best President for Israel, and for the United States as well." Americans living in Israel are thought to be more likely to support the Republicans, while US Jews traditionally vote Democrat, as the Jewish population is primarily located on Democrat safe soil on the East Coast and in California. But attorney Marc Zell thinks that the Jewish community's traditionally liberal politics ignores the current security threats Israel faces. US citizen Marc Zell: "In the United States, the Jews don't have a clear picture of their own interests. They get clouded by all kinds of other concerns, including their traditional inclinations towards liberal, social and and economic policies. In Israel, you know, we focus on what's good for the Jews." Barack Obama has never visited Israel as President and his challenger Mitt Romney has accused him of "putting daylight" between the US and its closest ally on Iran ...
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