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Israel under attack: tough talk from Netanyahu as Gaza rocket bombardment continues

Following continued rocket fire into southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, Israeli leaders have warned they will not tolerate continued assaults and have threatened a forceful response. While visiting injured civilians in Beer Sheba, Defence Minister Ehud Barak said Israel's upcoming elections in January will not deter the Jewish state from protecting its citizens. Meanwhile Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu briefed 50 foreign ambassadors in Ashkelon, an Israeli port city within range of Palestinian rockets. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "We'll take whatever action is necessary to put a stop to this. This is not merely our right, it's also our duty and it's something that I think is understood by not only by you, or here in Ashkelon today, but by any fair-minded person in any fair-minded government in the world. They would understand that it's our right to defend our people and this is what we shall do." Gaza is governed by the Hamas Islamist movement, which does not recognise Israel's right to exist, and Israel holds the group responsible for all rocket attacks from Gaza, which threaten the lives of more than a million people living in the south of Israel and forces civilians to abandon their daily lives in order to remain within 30 seconds of protective bomb shelters. The mayor of Beersheba, a southern Israeli city targeted by Gaza based militants called on the government to put an end to the "war of attrition" between Israel and Palestinian militant groups ...
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