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Israel Jewish Interest Tour - Day 2

Day 2 Begin the day at the City of David, where Jerusalem started, includes exploring Warren's Shaft, the new Visitor's Center and Hezekiah's Tunnel, through which water has flowed since the days of King Hezekiah some 2700 years ago. Then, it's time to discover the rebuilt Jewish Quarter including the old Sephardic synagogues, the Cardo, the Broad Wall, the Burnt House with its captivating audiovisual presentation, the Herodian Mansions, and more. Get acquainted with the Christian Quarter with the ancient and famous Church of the Holy Sepulchre, site of the crucifixion and tomb of Jesus according to Christian tradition. Visit the Tower of David Museum showcasing the history of Jerusalem from its beginnings to modern times. Wander the Old City markets, steeping yourself in its sights, sounds and aromas, and try your hand at hunting and bargaining for treasures. Overnight in Jerusalem
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