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Israel Jewish Interest Tour - Day 7

Day 7 Drive north this morning through the Hula Valley and take the historic crossing of the Jordan River at the Daughters of Jacob Bridge, to the Golan Heights' "capital city" of Katsrin, home to the Golan Winery, a Talmudic village, and an archaeological museum. History and nature buffs will want to continue to Gamla National Park, for a view of the dramatic ruins of a fortified Jewish city destroyed during the Great Revolt against the Romans (66-70CE.), as protected Griffon's vultures soar overhead. Cross back into the Galilee mountains to spend the afternoon in Safed, one of the four holy cities in Israel and the home of Lurian mysticism,a branch of Jewish mysticism conceived by the 16th Century Rabbi Isaac Luria, the traditional author of the seminal mystic work, the Zohar. Stroll along the lanes of the Old City and see its many synagogues, as well as its unique artist's colony. Overnight in the Tiberias area
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