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Israel Hits Gaza Hard

Islamic Terrorist Palestinians blew up an Israeli army jeep with an anti-tank missile, wounding four soldiers. IDF responded, retaliating with tank fire killing five Palestinians, wounding 30 in the Gaza Strip. Explosions were heard all over the place in the Hamas terror Territory. Palestinian militants vowed to take revenge for the deaths of the four civilians and the 25 wounded. Israel warned residents of communities near the Gaza border to stay within 15 seconds of their blast shelters in case of a rocket salvo. The Israeli military said an anti-tank missile was fired at an army patrol along the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had enough. Now that President Obama has won re-election, the Jewish State for sure can't rely on America to go against the Islamic Jihad that is festering around the Jewish State. Egypt, Syria, Iran Middle East are desperate to see Israel destroyed for Allah. Muslims are crazy.
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