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Israel Deploys Patriot Battery after Drone Shot Down: IDF Believes Iran, Hezbollah Responsible

Just a few days after the Israeli air force successfully shot down a drone after it entered Israeli territory via the Mediterranean Sea, Israeli Defense Forces have deployed an anti-missile battery near Haifa. The IDF have not said whether the two events are connected, but the Patriot battery system can intercept aerial vehicles at a range of 160km. Defence officials believe the shot-down drone, which they say was probably controlled by Hezbollah or Iran to gather intelligence, started its journey in Lebanon. Drones -- weapons-bearing unmanned aerial vehicles - are fast becoming the tools of modern day warfare. Although experts estimate that Iran is at least 20 years behind current drone technology, the US, Israel and UK have all developed drones that can fire weapons. The US had less than 50 drones before the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001 but now has 7500 and global investment in the technology is set to double over the next decade, which could be good news for Israel who is already the world leader in exporting drone technology abroad.
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