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Israel Archaelogical Tour - Day 10

Email Day 10 Eilat, Timna Park and Northward Eilat -- best known for its contemporary attractions as Israel's Red Sea Riviera, Eilat and its environs also boast a selection of off-the-beaten track archaeological sites, among them the Shahmon Site Bronze Age tumuli and temple; the Eilot eighth-century Early Islamic village and copper smelting site; the Wadi Tawachin grinding site (possibly for gold); the Samar Neolithic desert kites (ancient gazelle-hunting traps); the Dapit Nabatean and Roman caravansary; the Evrona eighth-century chain well and farmhouse and more. Timna Park -- a geological and archaeological wonderland including an ancient copper-mine shaft; Solomon's Pillars -- a natural formation featuring a carving of the goddess Hathor and Hathor's shrine; the chariot carving and the multimedia presentation "The Mines of Time" and even an artificial lake. Head north on road 90 via the Late Roman Fortress at Yotvata, and then via road 13 to Makhtesh Ramon, seeing Roman milestones and the Nabatean caravansary at Ein Saharonim, or via the dramatic Scorpion Ascent (on road 227) following an ancient Roman route across the Negev to the Great Makhtesh and Mamshit National Park, a well-preserved Nabatean city along the UNESCO World Heritage List Incense Route, including a market, a bathhouse, early churches, mosaics and more. For additional itinerary suggestions, please see: Visit the MFA's Social Media Channels: Facebook - www ...
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