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Israel Archaelogical Tour - Day 8

Email Day 8 From Dan to the Golan Dan Nature Reserve -- one of the finest examples of a biblical city and the capital of the Northern Kingdom, Dan's "Abraham Gate" (Gen. 14 is the second-oldest arch in the world. Also visit the Israelite gateway and the High Place of Jeroboam in their tranquil Dan River setting. Katzrin -- a Talmudic-era Golan Heights village, Katzrin's reconstructed house and synagogue create a three-dimensional perspective on ancient life. Gamla Nature Reserve -- called "the Massada of the north" because of Josephus' description of its famous last stand, a hike leads to Gamla, which boasts remains of the earliest synagogue ever found, ramparts that held back the Romans, and olive presses that were the town's livelihood. Umm el-Qanatir -- a Talmudic-era town with unusual synagogue remains and unique finds, this site is now undergoing excavation using cutting-edge techniques and technology. For additional itinerary suggestions, please see: Visit the MFA's Social Media Channels: Facebook - Twitter - Google+ Find us on Instagram: @IsraelMFA
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