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Israel Archaelogical Tour - Day 2

Email Day 2 Jerusalem The Jewish Quarter and Museum Treasures The Jewish Quarter, including: Hezekiah's Wall -- part of the First Temple-era city wall built over Jerusalem's homes (Isa. 22:10) to protect the city against Assyrian invaders, and which finally fell to the Babylonians. The Cardo - Jerusalem's main street in the Byzantine and medieval eras, its colonnades and arched chambers now restored as a commercial center and archaeological display. The Herodian Mansions -- restored as a living museum beneath contemporary buildings, with remnants of the fine homes, mosaics, implements of daily life and architecture of the city's wealthy class before the destruction of the Temple. The Burnt House -- the basement of a Jerusalem home revealing dramatic evidence of the Katros family who probably lived and worked here, and of Jerusalem's destruction in 70 CE. An audiovisual presentation offers a powerful version of the family's story. The Israel Museum -- the museum's Archaeology Wing displays rare and world-famous finds from pre-historic times to the Byzantine/Talmudic era; the Shrine of the Book, houses the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest copies of the Old Testament ever found and the famed 1:50 Model of Second Temple Jerusalem. Bible Lands Museum -- a unique collection of ancient treasures mirroring the powerful cultures of Bible days including the Egyptians, the Hittites, the Philistines the Assyrians and others who left their mark on the region and in Scripture. For ...
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