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Israel Accessibility Tours - Day 2

Day 2 Drive up the coast to Caesarea National Park, where 2000 years ago King Herod built a large port in honor of Emperor Augustus. Pontius Pilate later ruled the country from his Caesarea, and it was from here that Paul set sail to the communities where he preached all over the Mediterranean. Visit the Roman Theater, Herod's palace, the walled Crusader town with its galleries and restaurants and Caesarea's latest attraction, the Time Trek, a fascinating multimedia presentation. Continue to Zikhron Ya'akov and the First Aliyah Museum. In 1881, confronted with pogroms in Eastern Europe and Russia, a small group of Zionists came to Israel to settle down and establish farming homesteads. The pioneers of Zikhron Ya'akov were assisted by the Baron Rothschild in the endeavor to create a sustainable community and economy. The museum records the trials and tribulations of the Jews of this wave of immigration, known as the First Aliyah. There is wheelchair access to all five floors of the museum (except the auditorium) via elevator. Continue across the Carmel range to the Nahal Hashofet nature reserve (south of Kibbutz Hazorea), sloping trail along the beautiful Hashofet brook has been paved and wooden walkways added, enabling all to enjoy the water and greenery of the Menashe region in the foothills of Mount Carmel. Overnight: in the Mount Carmel region For additional itinerary suggestions, please see:
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