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Israel Accessibility Tours - Day 4

Day 4 Head up to the Hula Valley in the north and take the Manara cable car to the top of the Naphtali ridge. View the Hula valley and the Golan Heights to the east. Continue north to Misgav Am, Israel's northernmost kibbutz, where you can make arrangements to view a three-country panorama (Israel, Lebanon and Syria), and explore the intricacies of Israel's relationship with its northern neighbors with the kibbutz member who guides you there. Then, it's on to Tel Dan, a magnificent nature reserve about one kilometer of which is wheelchair accessible, to see the headwaters of the Jordan River and the Israelite gateway of the city established by King Jeroboam and embellished by King Ahab. Turning south again, stop at the Hula Nature Reserve. On any given day you can see over one hundred types of birds along the paved paths of the Hula Nature Reserve, revealing Israel's status as a bird-watcher's paradise of global renown as millions of fowl each year stop to feed and rest on their way to or from Asia, Europe or Africa. Overnight in the Hula Valley For additional itinerary suggestions, please see:
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