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Israel Accessibility Tour - Day 1

Day 1 Drive from Ben-Gurion Airport to the Old City of Jaffa. Jaffa is one of the oldest ports in Israel, existing for upward of 4000 years; it was from Jaffa that Jonah set out before being swallowed by the whale and it was here to which Solomon imported cedars from Lebanon for the construction of the first Temple in Jerusalem. At Kedumim Square in the heart of Old Jaffa you can tour the Visitor Center, which was built around authentic archaeological artifacts and remains. Enjoy an evening seaside walk at the Tel Aviv Port, with its galleries, restaurants and coffee shops, and on to the Yarkon Park to the north to meet the locals as they enjoy Tel Aviv's "central park" strolling along the paved pathways. Overnight in Tel Aviv For additional itinerary suggestions, please see:
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