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Iran sanctions hit Turkey petrol prices

Turkey -- the country with the world's least popular honour -- that of being the most expensive place to fill up your car. Fuel tax hikes have seen petrol in Turkey rise to 2.08 EUROS per litre, making a full tank pricier still than in Norway, which used to have the world's highest fuel prices, yet where people's average income is 5 times higher than in Turkey. Residents and above all taxi drivers in the capital Ankara have expressed dismay at the tax hike, saying they are having to spend all their income on fuel. Part of the problem is geopolitical - ninety five per cent of Turkey's oil is imported, and sanctions on Iran mean that the Mediterranean country must either buy in oil from Russia and Saudi Arabia, or risk having its banks lose trade with the United States, who are driving the sanctions, ostensibly to stop Iran developing nuclear weapons. Emergency measures -- such as converting cars to propane -- have helped, although Turkish petrol station owners are also unhappy, since they can no longer make a profit now unless they too sell gas.
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