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Invisible Mob! :( - From Ashes #4 - Minecraft CTM Map

Hey guys, this is my first ever minecraft series, a lot of you guys asked for it, so here it is. I know some people are not fans of minecraft, and I'd just ask you if you don't like, just simply don't click on the video and will be as simple as that! "From Ashes" is an open world CTM map, set in the post-apocalyptic world. You survived nuclear holocaust, sailing on the ocean, but now you are shipwrecked on the Monument Island, alone in this new, alien and dangerous enviroment. The only hope for you is to find 16 cores, disguised as wool, and unlock the atomic shelter hidden beneath the island. Rules: 1. You can craft, place and break everything. 2. Don't leave the map boundaries. 3. Play on Easy/Normal/Hard. NOT peaceful! 4. Do not enter Nether / The End. 5. Your goal is to find 16 wools and place them on the wool Monument. Use only wools found in the dungeons marked by the beacon beams! 6. There is a storyline and lore, but you don't have to pay attention to them in order to progress. 7. You can play with the default texture pack, but there is also custom pack included in download, which gives the map better post-apocalyptic feeling. Map page: Thanks to the Gustavo Entertainment Team for making this map! Music used: Rallying the Defense by
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