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Interview with Yitzchak Kerem on "The Sephardic Jewish Experience in Israel"

Lowell interviews Dr. Yitchak Kerem on "The Sephardi Jewish Experience in Israel" Dr. Kerem is the CEO of the Foundation for Jewish Diversity set up to establish a Sephardi museum and cultural center in Jerusalem, a member of the Knesset public committee for Holocaust survivor affairs, and radio moderator for the Hebrew program "Yahadut Hatefustost" (Diaspora Jewry), Reshet Aleph and Reshet Bet 2004-2007,editor for the Greek section of New Encyclopaedia Judaica, contributor on Balkans for Encyclopaedia of Jews under Islam (Brill), genealogist, and filmmaker. Interview recorded on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 in Jerusalem, Israel
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