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Icing down Jerusalem

Email The capital city's first Ice Festival was a cool introduction to spring for the thousands of tourists and Israelis who donned parkas in April. The first Jerusalem Ice Festival, running through March and April, took 30 expert sculptors from Harbin, China, two months to create. The idea of an ice festival in the Middle East is definitely out of the box, and its creators wanted it to make a splash. "This is the biggest indoor ice festival in the world," says producer Sharon Shalev. "We brought 7000 blocks of ice," says Shalev. "Three kinds crystallized, white ice and color ice." The sculptures were set up in a 1500-square-meter space near Jerusalem's historic old train station, and kept at a steady minus-10 degrees Centigrade. Parkas were handed out to those who bought tickets. The exhibit proved so popular with Israelis and Passover and Easter tourists that some visitors had to be turned away during the peak days of the holiday. Visit the MFA's Social Media Channels: Facebook - Twitter - Find us on Instagram: @IsraelMFA & @StateOfIsrael
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