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IDF Soldier Doron Matalon now a Model after Haredi Jews Harassed Her in Gender Segregation Row

There's no looking back for model Doron Matalon; the curvaceous 20 year-old has founded a burgeoning modeling career and new found fame to boot. But some Haredi Jews believe that she has cynically exploited an issue which has polarized secular and religious Israelis in recent times. Just as recently ago as December Matalon was still a soldier and was on the bus on her way to her army base when an ultra-Orthodox man told her to move to the back; Matalon refused. As a result the man called her a slut and a prostitute. In the furore that followed, the man was later arrested by the police for sexual harassment. Matalon, like many other mainstream Israelis are no longer bow-towing to Ultra-Orthodox demands for gender segregation in the public realm, and see their strict code of religious practice a threat to Israel's democracy.
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