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How the GOP Can Accomplish 98% of their Corporatist Agenda

Let's assume right now that all the Republican lies work. And let's assume that the billions of dollars spent by the likes of the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and Karl Rove work. And let's assume that the statewide voter ID suppression laws, and restrictions on early voting, and hurdles to voter registration all work. Assuming all those things work - then come January 2013, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be in the White House. And Speaker of the House John Boehner will be presiding over a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. And Mitch McConnell will be leading a Republican majority in the Senate. We'll have one-party Republican rule in America again. And unlike when Democrats held majorities in Congress and the White House for the first two years of President Obama's presidency - Republicans will see to it that their agenda under Mitt Romney is not derailed by the Democratic minority - like President Obama's was by the Republican minority's filibuster. Republicans are already planning how they can silence the voice of the minority should they sweep the elections in November - and this plan was laid out this week in the pages of the Financial Times. And guess who's spilling the beans - none other than one of the most powerful voices in the Republican Party - multi-millionaire K street lobbyist - Grover Norquist.
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