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How an Anti-Semitic Picture Made the News

UPDATE: The SABC has REPLACED the image! Good job to everyone who contacted them. Here is their response: The SABC received a number of complaints about the image accompanying a report headlined "Israel making inroads in halting African migration", published on 24 August on the SABC News website. The picture accompanied a report supplied by a respected news agency and which was published by many media outlets around the world. While we stand by the report, the SABC removed the image in response to the complaints received. ------- Now -- this horrible anti-Semitic picture should never be used by any news organization and should be removed from the Reuters catalog. You can contact them here: ----- A disgusting anti-Semitic caricature gets passed off as news by the South Africa Broadcast Corporation. HonestReporting: How an anti-Semitic Picture Made the News Hi this is Yarden Frankl from HonestReporting's Jerusalem office. The South Africa Broadcast Corporation ran a story about Israeli attempts to curb illegal immigration from Africa. So what picture did they use that they thought would best illustrate this story about immigration? Check out their website: Take a closer look at that outrageous picture. It's shocking. It has nothing to do with the story. But what's even more disgusting is this is an old photograph that we have seen before. We saw this picture used two years ago by the Washington Post. Here is the picture from a 2010 Washington ...
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