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Holocaust Survivor Delivered Fram Hate

The Rose Price Story
"You cannot hate anyone more than I hated the Germans," said Holocaust survivor, Rose Price. "Hate had an address in my body. Love cannot dwell in the body with hate. I lost my stomach. I had 27 operations before I went to Berlin in 1981. That's when I forgave the German people. When I finally gave up all the hate and love started coming in, something happened inside my body. I didn’t have pain anymore. I haven’t had an operation since 1981 because the Lord has taken all that poison out of me. Nobody knows the pain you have gone through and nobody knows the pain I went through. But there is no excuse for hate. You have to forgive. You have to give up the hate. It’s not even up to you to have the strength to forgive. You cannot do anything in your own power. You have to go to the Lord and the Lord will give you the strength.
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