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Holocaust Educ: Dvorah Kost, Dan Belenky, Miriam Blau see Akiva Segan's art-in-progress Nov 2 '12 ©

Three Seattle residents, D'vorah Kost, Danny Belenky & Dr. Miriam Ellen Blau visit American artist & Holocaust/genocide/tolerance educator Akiva Kenny Segan's studio to see the current in-progress mosaic-drawing combo: "Multiple-Amputee Awaiting Deportation." The drawing in the center of the artwork was inspired by a WWII black & white photo of a limbless Jewish woman seated outdoors in the city of Łódź, Poland. She was awaiting transport to the Nazi death camp at Chelmo, Poland. She had two strikes against her: Nazi eugenics & hygiene 'laws' made her a subject for capital punishment - euthanasia as she was disabled. She was also Jewish. Jews, and Romany & Sinti peoples were targeted for death throughout Europe. Before the Nazis began the "Final Solution to the Jewish Problem," they systematically murdered 250000 mentally & physically disabled Protestant and Catholic Austrians and Germans. Had Germans and Austrians who knew of this protested loudly, forcefully and vocally, including lawyers, doctors, clergy, it's entirely possible the mass murder of Jews and Romany & Sinti peoples that followed would not have happened. The Holocaust did not have to happen. Art, film © AK Segan
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