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Holocaust Art films, part 1: Artist Akiva Segan starts Multiple-Amputee drawing, August 2012 ©

Part 1 of a 2 part film: American artist and Holocaust/genocide/tolerance educator Akiva Kenny Segan is seen in film clips taken in August 2012 when he began drawing "Multiple-Amputee Awaiting Deportation." The drawing was inspired by a WWII photo of a limbless Jewish woman seated outdoors in the Polish city of Lodz, awaiting transport to the Nazi death camp at Chelmno. The drawing became the center of a mosaic-drawing combo; the mosaic begun in late Sept, early Oct. 2012. The victim faced death for two reasons out of Nazi Germany and Austria with their racial hygiene and religious supremacist ideology: She was a Jew, which made her a selection for capital punishment, and she was disabled. Before the Nazi government began the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem they systematically murdered 250000 physically and mentally disabled Protestant and Catholic Germans and Austrians. Art, film © AKSegan
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