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Hezbollah Running 'Theme Park' for Militants in Lebanon: Mleeta 'Resistance Museum'

Mleeta resistance museum, not far from Lebanon's border with Israel, is a multi-million dollar theme park run by Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. Complete with real military equipment and barbed wire, the park is a bid to win the public relations battle that has been waging between the Islamist militant organisation and the state of Israel for the past couple of decades. The martyrdom-inspired amusement park is situated on the site of a former militant stronghold and so-called 'dead zone', where Israeli planes would reportedly dump all surplus ammunition after returning from bombing raids against Hezbollah. The park aims to teach visitors Hezbollah's version of its own history and ideology, circumnavigating what it considers media bias in favour of Israel. Hezbollah's media campaign has so far included its own TV channel called al-Manar, which until recently was accessible via an iPhone application. On a tour around the park, visitors can visit a real bunker used by Hezbollah operatives to launch attacks against Israel, and can spy out the remains of an Israeli outpost by looking through the barrel of a gun. Outside, displays show graves and uniforms of Israeli soldiers as well as Merkava tanks and the guns used by militants. Despite being labelled a terrorist organisation by Israel and many Western nations, Hezbollah is hoping to gain international support by promoting a new "resistance tourism." The group was founded in the 1980s in opposition to Israel's presence in ...
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