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Hezbollah In-Depth: Iran Support, Ties to Syria Regime, Hassan Nasrallah's Last Anti-Israel Rant

Another Hezbollah speech, another bellicose anti-Israel rant, just as you might expect from the militant group founded in 1982 in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. And Hezbollah's closest ally and biggest backer Iran has restated its official position too: if Israel attacks the Islamic Republic over its alleged nuclear weapons programme, Hezbollah will retaliate on its behalf -- leader Hasan Nasrallah claims that targets will not just be within Israel, but that they'll hit American military bases across the Middle East too. But is the rhetoric more overblown than usual? Here at Hezbollah's propaganda playground, the 'Museum for Resistance Tourism' in southern Lebanon, you'd be forgiven for thinking not. Collected Israeli tanks and weaponry are displayed as easy trophies, showing astute political and military disdain for the militant organisation's raison d'etre and enemy number one [Israel]. Mleeta also displays Hezbollah's own weaponry, and the site itself played an integral part in the militant group's history: it used to be home to a series of fortified hideouts for some of Hezbollah's most dedicated warriors, including deadly suicide brigades. Yet many in Lebanon think that Hezbollah's influence is on the wane. This summer a Sunni cleric brought the southern city of Sidon to a standstill for a month with sit-in protests and roadblocks calling for Hezbollah to disarm. Sunni cleric Sheikh Ahmad Assir: "Many times before we have asked to discuss the weapons ...
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