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Google Chief Eric Schmidt Allows Muhammad Video: Barack Obama Against Arab League's Blasphemy Law

Speaking at a press conference in Seoul to promote Google's new Nexus 7 tablet, Google's executive chairman defended YouTube's hosting of an anti-Islam film, which has sparked violent protests globally. Google chairman Eric Schimidt "We obviously do not endorse the use of the video or these ideas to incite hatred or violence or anything, but we ultimately believe that the best answer to speech is more speech, not the other way around." The US-made video, ridicules the Prophet Muhammad depicting him engaged in crude and offensive behaviour. Google has refused to remove the film from its daughter company YouTube despite pressure from the White House and others to take it down from the video sharing website. Meanwhile in New York, at the United Nations General Assembly, the new presidents of Egypt, Yemen and Indonesia have joined Iran and a host of other Islamic countries in their demands for an international blasphemy law, which would curb freedom of speech that insults religion. But in his address, US President Barack Obama, whilst denouncing the film, staunchly defended freedom of speech, even if it insults religion. However, the 21 member Arab League also added their weight to the demands for an international blasphemy law, stating that it is to pursue an international legal framework to ensure respect for Islam and other world religions.
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