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German Reaction to Violence in Gaza

German Reaction to Violence in Gaza As rockets continue to fall on Israeli towns and cities, Jewish communities across Germany are condemning the Hamas attacks and are asking Germans to put themselves in Israelis position. Dr. Leo Latasch, Member Board of Director Frankfurt Jewish Community: "What country would allow themselves not even one bomb but a hundred rockets to get hit from and not react to it, just imagine sitting in Frankfurt or in Germany and whatever country it is sending rockets into Germany, you know what would happen after one rocket, I mean, they would go completely bizarre." Resident of Germany: "That is shocking and I think nobody should do that." Resident of Germany: "I don't know, I don't know it's a very complicated situation over there." While Gaza is braced for a ground invasion by Israeli forces, German press commentators worry that a move meant to win votes in the parliamentary election scheduled for January 22 could quickly veer out of control. Resident of Germany: "Elections yeah, but I don't think it's the real reason I mean this is not a new problem it existed before the election, it existed within the election and it will exist after the election so nothing to do, in my opinion, with the election." Dr. Leo Latasch, Member Board of Director Frankfurt Jewish Community: "This is absolutely nothing to do with it and Israel knows that Israelis will react much more negative to Netanyahu, or whoever orders to go into Gaza in case they lose soldiers ...
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