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German Islamic extremist Salafist sentenced

A 26-year-old Islamic extremist has been convicted of stabbing two German police officers at a riot in Bonn, and sentenced to six years in prison. Salafist Murat K., whose last name was not given in accordance with German privacy laws, was convicted of serious bodily harm, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest, local media reported. The German-born Turkish citizen didn't deny the 5 May assault, and was unrepentant, saying his beliefs would make him do the same again. He justified his actions by saying that the police were functionaries of a German state which had allowed a far-right group to display caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that he found offensive. The suspect refused to recognise the authority of the court and refused to stand for the judges, saying he answered only to his God. The case comes as fears grow over rising Islamic extremism in Germany; 29 police officers were injured in total in the May clashes. Germany's 4-million-plus Muslim population is reported to include thousands of hardline Salafist Islamists.
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