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Gaza rocket attacks Israeli south under fire

Gaza rocket hits yard of Israeli house, as violence enters third day Ten rockets fired by mid-day Monday; 20 people treated for shock, three houses damaged; Iron Dome intercepts two rockets fired toward Ashkelon; IDF struck Gaza overnight in response to ongoing rocket-fire. Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip continued to fire rockets at southern Israel on Monday, despite the efforts of Egyptian intelligence officials to mediate between Israel and Hamas to reach a cease-fire agreement that would put an end to the cross-border escalation. Militants fired 10 rockets at Israel by mid-day on Monday. The Iron Dome missile defense system intercepted two rockets heading for Ashkelon. Another rocket struck the yard of a house in the southern Israeli city of Netivot. The hit on Netivot left no casualties, but 20 people were treated for shock after the incident. Three houses were damaged by shrapnel. Classes were canceled in all schools in Netivot that are not fortified against rockets. An additional three rockets hit southern Israel overnight. The Israel Defense Forces bombed a smuggling tunnel and a weapons storage site in the orthern Gaza Strip 'in respons. No deadline has yet been set for the commencement of the Egypytian-mediated cease-fire, but Haaretz has learned that both sides have said quiet will be answered with quiet. More than 100 rockets have hit southern Israel since violence flared up on the border on Saturday. The IDF airstrikes in response have killed five ...
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