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Gaza Has Fired 50 Rockets as High Holidays Ended: Rockets Hit Israeli Kibbutz in Eshkol Area

Just as the Jewish High Holidays came to an end, Israel has suffered the most serious attack by Gaza militants in months, with more than 50 rockets and mortars landing in the southern part of the country. While nobody was injured in this latest round attacks, the fall of rockets disrupts the lives of about a million people living near the Gaza Strip, closing shops and schools, and sending residents scrambling for the nearest shelters. Rockets landed near a kibbutz in the Eshkol area south of Ashkelon, killing a goat at a petting zoo and injuring another so badly that its owner had to euthanize it. Rockets landed on nearby roads and lightly damaged several buildings. The head of security at the kibbutz, Noam Sagiv, said it was a miracle there were no human casualties. The militant wing of Gaza's Islamist leadership Hamas, along with militant group Islamic Jihad, claimed responsibility for the rocket fire, an unusual event since Hamas has distanced itself from such attacks in recent months. According to the Israeli army, more than 470 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza this year.
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