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So celebrate with praises the name of your Lord, The Supreme! Quran 56:96* Glorifica, pues, el nombre de tu Señor, el Grandioso! Coran 56:96* * Memorized ----------------- At the inception of creation there was only One! Now nearly 14 billion yrs. later we are many, yet all "One" with our Lord. --- The Master has existed forever but in a time outside of the prime material plane. Then with a single fell sweep of infinite "Mind" He fashioned the whole cosmos in an explosion of instantaneous power unparalleled; for only GOD is omnipotent! --- But something alien to the Love of GOD had become reality. It had evolved into a nightmare that would devour creation and it's soul desire was to kill everything! that which it had once belonged. This is Satan. --- Our GOD would bring life into this void (death) and rise civilization from the mere atoms that were forming from a coalescence of spirit and omnipresent force. --- The lessons learned here won & lost would feed his immortality and defeat the liar that engorged on his dreams of dissolution and suffering. We are the food of the gods. ~Disciple --- By means of His vision we that which lived in the physical a short time, but hence forever, if only good, had indeed received salvation. --- But for those who chose the illusions of the fallen one. They would be fuel for the fires of the holocaust that would burn the universe away at the end of time. "It is the Law that good is victorious over evil!"
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