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Frances Fisher as Holocaust survivor Dobke Jonas THE SURVIVOR MITZVAH PROJECT's Great Performances

Frances Fisher reads Holocaust testimony of Dobke Jonas in Lithuania as part of "Great Performances" - a series of readings of Holocaust testimonies and letters by famous actors for The Survivor Mitzvah Project's Holocaust Educational Archive, "IN THEIR OWN WORDS". Filmed at The Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance. Dobke Jonas is a remarkable woman. She just celebrated her 100th birthday. An accomplished artist, she has documented her memories of the Holocaust in a series of drawings and sketches. She is also an active writer of poetry, plays and operas, currently working on the libretto for her original opera, "The Binding of Isaac." Dobke Jonas is the sole survivor of the massacre in her shtetl of Zezmar (Zezmarai). The Jewish part of Zezmarai is now a ghost town. Nothing but ruins remain. Her chilling account of her last visit there is read by Frances Fisher. The trauma and unimaginable sorrow she carries with her is balanced by an optimistic outlook on life and a hope for a kinder, better, more peaceful world for future generations. Will you help Dobke and others like her right now to give them the support and care they so desperately need? Please make a generous donation today to THE SURVIVOR MITZVAH PROJECT at
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