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France Islamist terror ring probe new arrest

French investigators say they have made another arrest in Paris as part of an ongoing investigation into a suspected Islamist terror ring believed to have been planning the biggest wave of bomb attacks on the country since the 1990s. The suspect has not been named, but there is speculation that it could be one of the two 'missing' members who carried out an attack of a kosher Jewish supermarket last month. A total of 12 people were arrested earlier, seven of whom are still in detention. The suspected leader, Jeremie Louis-Sydney, was killed in a shoot-out with police. French Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, has called on French society to "mobilise" against radical Islam which is developing "at its heart", in particular in its prisons where alleged ringleader, Louis-Sydney, reportedly converted back to Islam. Analysts have also pointed to a radicalization of young French Muslims since Mohamed Merah carried out a series of shootings targeting Jewish civilians and military personnel which left seven people dead. Merah, who was shot by police whilst resisting arrest, is regarded by some as an Islamist martyr with al-Qaeda allegedly publishing a document valorizing his actions and which has been widely circulated on social networking sites. Jewish News 1 asked French representative at the European Jewish Parliament, Jacques David Sebban, how the French public was reacting to the investigation. French MEJP Jacques David Sebban: "It's a new kind of attack that we have never had ...
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