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'Fowlty Towers' Chicken Hotel for Britons: Guest Hens Pampered, Owner Julie Smith Explains

With more and more Britons rearing their own hens, many owners have a real worry when it comes to what to do with their chickens when they go on holiday. But now they might have a novel solution in the shape of a chicken hotel - which owner Julie Smith thinks provides eggs-actly what anxious chicken owners need. Fowlty Towers owner Julie Smith "A lot of people asked what they would do when they went on holiday with the hens, so I started looking after them as a favour and then I thought well it might be a bit of a business and we'll try and get them sorted so we ended up with lots of people ringing up and asking if I could look after their hens when they went on holiday. Somebody went in and had a baby and just respite really, so they don't have to get up so early in the morning and this is how 'Fowlty Towers' started." Guest hens staying at Fowlty Towers in Kent are thoroughly pampered and when the peckish chickens wake up at dawn, Julie is waiting with a luxury breakfast of fresh vegetables. But with her cracking young business still laying the foundations for the future, Fowlty Towers can hardly afford to cock-up.
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