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First Jewish School in Germany Starts 46th Year: Frankfurt's Lichtigfeld School Opens

The first Jewish school established in Germany in 1966 opens its 46th. academic year. The Lichtigfeld School reintroduced German-Jewish education into German society. Today with a Jewish community of more than 200000 new Jewish schools have been opened across Germany. Meanwhile, at the Lichtigfeld School in Frankfurt, in a special ceremony, 25 fifth grade students enter the Gymnasium, or high school. With a strong emphasis on academic learning, comparable with the British grammar school system or with prep schools in the United States, the Gymnasium is designed to prepare students for university education and finishes with the final examination or Abitur, after grade 12 or 13. Elsewhere at the Lichtigfeld School 55 children entering the "Eingangsstufe" a transition from preschool to elementary school, have a picture taken with their parents happily holding their large Schultueten, or candy cones. Filled to the brim with sweets and little gifts these candy cones sweeten the new students' step from kindergarten to primary school, in schools all over Germany like here at the Frankfurt Jewish school. The Jewish school in Frankfurt teaches all state required subjects and in addition Hebrew language and both Jewish history and culture. School life and the curriculum are molded by Jewish values and ideals and the yearly flow follows the Jewish calendar. Kosher food is served in the school and every Friday the school day ends with the celebration of the Sabbath. There are 550 ...
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