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Fires of Dresden - Hrafnblóð

LYRICS: Terror in the skies of Saxony 5 tons of Hell per fighter Hundreds of thousands slaughtered Pure Innocenticide Procession of Misery Bullets rain on evacuees Full alert without warning 22.14 The bombs fell Overcrowded populous Fleeing from the east The irony of it all To escape a War Zone Only to die in an act of Genocide Procession of Misery bullets rain on evacuees Full alert without warning Terror-storm of phosphorus and fire Spoken: On February 13th 1945, a War Criminal unleashed his Holocaust over Dresden. The city was not a military target. There were no grounds for this massacre. It is estimated that over 100000 men, women and children were murdered by a strategically planned firestorm. So many bodies lined the streets, that there were not enough living left to bury them. To dispose of the thousands of corpses, funeral pyers were stacked across the city. This song is dedicated to bringing to light this mass killing that the Zionist-led media do not want you to know. Official video for 'Fires of Dresden' by Hrafnblóð New album out 2013 Facebook - All clips in this video are not owned by Hrafnblóð. All clips are taken from the documentary 'Firestorm over Dresden'
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